CPL Filter – Blackvue DR750X


Exclusive – Polarizing Filter – Blackvue DR750X & DR750X Plus Models

It will also enhance the colors, for example a lawn is pale green because the blades of grass reflect the cloudy sky, with a polarizer you remove the glare on the grass and you have a green lawn. You will also have deeper, darker blue skies depending on the angle of the sun compared to the camera.

  • DR750X
  • DR750X Plus


The BlackVue Polarizer Filter Clip will reduce glare on the dashboard and on the road especially on a sunny day. By using a polarized filter when recording with your BlackVue you will significantly reduce the reflections of reflective surfaces whether it is water, the windshield of a car, snow or ice.

The filter also has anti-UV treatment.

The BlackVue Polarizer Filter Clip  is already set at the factory for vertical polarization, so there is no need for adjustments.

This exclusive accessory for BlackVue DR750X & DR750X Plus Models that can help to reduce glare and even sometimes completely remove it in some places from the dash reflections on your windscreen.

(This is a CPL Filter Not The camera you are buying)


Exclusive – Polarizing Filter – Blackvue DR750s Models