Key Fob Blocking Pouch



Prevent Keyless Car Crime

Thwart keyless car thieves who use signal boosting devices to carry out Relay Attacks.

–  Fully blocks a fob’s proximity signal

–  Prevents tech-savvy Relay Attacks

–  Voted ‘Best Buy’ in Auto Express product test

–  Big enough for multiple fobs, cards & keys


Discourage Distracted Driving

Once inside a vehicle, the Defender Signal Blocker can also be used to fight phone usage.

–  Blocks all signals, from calls to Wi-Fi & 4/5G

–  Removes the temptation to check messages

–  Shortlisted for First Car Best In Car Product 2018

–  No notifications, no distractions!

Premium Blocking Capability

The Defender Signal Blocker has unique material & composition for maximum performance.

–  Reinforced ‘double’ stitching technique

–  No risk of rips or tears with prolonged usage

–  Lined with unique specialist RPF™ material

–  Secured By Design Police Preferred Specification